DOXAR GRUP Wood Houses


Doxar Grup has it's roots in Gura Humorului, Northern Romania, where house building and manufacturing began in the early 1990's. From a small, local operator, we have developed into one of Romania's largest and most prestigious wooden structures, timber-frame house manufacturers. Besides the production itself, we provide design services, using SEMA Timber Construction Software and DDX Software for Windows, doors and staircase design, and technical support for our clients.  Working together with architects and engineers, we made our client's dreams came true.
We also produce and deliver: different exterior and interior building components such as floors, roofing elements, roofing trusses, doors and windows, terraces, decking, stairs. Production of roof trusses starts from structural design, using an especially software RoofCon, and then parts are assembled together using Mitek nailplates.

We have a professional, experienced team, an adequate technical support (a joinery machine Hundegger K2i, a 5-axis CNC center for doors, windows and stair processing) and the necessary management skills that allowed us to approach different important projects especially in France, but not only. Today we have a capacity of approximately:
20.000 m2 timber frame houses per year, 10.000 m2 wooden houses per year, 4.000 m2 doors and windows per year,
working only in one shift. The high quality of our products represents our best marketing technique and the demand continues to increase. That determined us to purchase a Weinmann framing station production line. The line allows us to made the timber-frame houses entirely in the factory, in a monitored environment, where strict rules are followed and expert workforce is employed, this being the way to get products at the lowest cost and with the higher quality possible.

Our products comply with the strict standards of all the European countries and can also comply with the ones of Scandinavian countries. The wood's harvest system is based on the principles of sustainable forest management and the good long term relationship with our suppliers ensures us plentiful raw material.
Buying a wooden house from DoxarGrup guarantees you high quality and professional support. Our experience in the wooden house industry is our best reference and we always commit to offer our best possible product or service.

Wood is one of the oldest materials used by man. Responsibly sourced, wood is a renewable, beautiful building material. It is also durable, versatile and can be cost-effective

DOXAR GRUP produces exterior and interior joinery, stairs, carports, garden furniture of different wood species. Spruce, the most used, offers a very good heat transfer coefficient, due to it's specific density, with a satisfactory appearance and strength, greatly improved by treatment with specifically designed products. Pine, besides it's pleasant appearance, provides superior resistance against humidity. Meranti is widely used, due to it's resistance and homogeneity. Being a medium density wood, meranti has special advantages, good heat transfer coefficient and mechanical strength. Oak, very durable is also very suitable for joinery and stairs. For outstanding works can be used exotic species like Okoume, Doussie, Iroko etc.

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